Hormone Balance

  • Stop pulling your hair out standing at the fridge feeling guilting for eating off plan again, with a little help you can make friends with that fridge and the food you love. (I got ya covered...)
  • Ditch the hormonal belly, mood swings, and stupid chin hair.
  • Fold the laundry and walk to get the mail without feeling like death warmed over because you have the energy of 3 people.

YES! I want my FREE 3 SIMPLE TIPS USING the 1st phase of a simple food framework to balance hormones


Let's get your hormones under control,

so you can become that happy, healthy, energetic, active woman, wife and mom you want to be.

This FREE 3 Simple Tips to Balance Your Hormones will help you balance your hormones so you can bust cravings, block binge eating and break through plateaus.

  • Stop the scale from climbing, so you can feel good in your clothes again.
  • Start feeling like yourself again, so you can finally stop saying... "Am I losing my flipping mind?"
  • Feeling a little crazy? Like a mad woman? These 3 tips will help, so you can be that healthy, happy, energetic, active woman you truly want to be.

I had no idea that you could balance hormones with simple nutrition! This guide blew my mind, I'm a diabetes coach and I didn't learn this stuff in school! I tell people to grab it and run! Just following step one made me feel sooo much better!!!



  • What one thing you should drink and how much to start balancing your hormones so the scale will move in the right direction
  • How just a few tweaks to your grocery list can leave you feeling like your younger vibrant self
  • How counting calories and working out more is not going to get you lean when you are over 40 and heading into perimenopause or menopause
  • Special bonus: Understand the role of stress and hormone balance... want to know how to beat that stress bully?

Now you can balance your hormones naturally and become that happy, healthy, active woman you want to be.


Hi, I'm Coach Michelle

... founder of the Accountability Tribe a weight loss membership only for women over 40.

It's my mission to help women lose weight by balancing hormones. So you can bust cravings, block binge eating, break plateaus and get on track and stay there.

There is a problem with the traditional way of losing weight...

I ran into this issue all 3 times I lost 100+ lbs. But the last time I figured out how to "fix" it, and I have spent the last 4 years helping other women "fix" it too.

Weight loss is about more than "eat less and move more". After 40 and as we head into menopause, this philosophy gives you even less of the desired results.

Seven years ago at 42, when I started my final weight loss journey, I HAD to figure this out to reach my goal.
It's not like you aren't aware of healthy choices, but making those choices 90% of the time is getting you nowhere.

The scale doesn't move, or worse it goes up.

What I found is after 40 our lady hormones go nuts, and what once worked doesn't work anymore.
This simple guide will help you start the process of balancing your hormones. The goal? The scale actually moves in the right direction a whole lot easier.

With this guide, I want you to get the quick win! Look for a few area's you could adjust. These small tweaks will start balancing those hormones and will lead to success.

Sending you Love & Hugs,
~Coach Michelle

Hormone balance & simple weight loss is just a click away...