Lose Weight, Bust Cravings, Block Binge Eating, Break Plateaus, Balance Hormones and Get Back On Track.

Macros empower you to eat the foods you love & lose weight!

The power of macros, is that they give your body what it needs. You are no longer focusing on calories, but what those calories are made of...

This focus switch lets you fit in the foods you love and still lose weight.

Diane learned this during her 4 weeks of learning to Become a MacroUnicorn...

She shared this with the group, and you need to hear it too!

"I love "getting" to eat all the different foods I love and not worry about weight gain because I count macros".

This works because, when you give your body what it needs, you no longer crave specific foods, but you do get to eat things you love without guilt!

Macros set you up for a life of food flexibility that makes maintenance so much easier. I've been maintaining my 120 pound weight loss for 7 years... macros will set you up for this kind of success

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • You were able to... check in with losses week after week
  • You were able to...ditch all the cravings because you are feeding your body what it needs
  • You were able to...get the support you need when the day isn't perfect
  • You were able to...feel better, look better and smile more because the weight loss was "just happening".

With Become A MacroUnicorn YOU can stay accountable, lose weight consistently, and overcome bad days!

Just steps away from that BIG goal

Hey! I’m at 133.4!

I just weighed myself! I am! I’m so excited!!

Thanks to you! 

Your guidance has been huge for me!!






Hi, I'm Coach Michelle!

I used macros to lose over 100 pounds, and I've used macros to maintain that loss for 7 years.

I am a certified nutrition coach that teaches how to balance your hormones with macros, so you can lose weight in a completely different way than you ever have!

I'm here to guide you away from a "diet" and toward using food as fuel in a nutritional framework that just makes your body feel AMAZING!

Case Study


When Rhonda started Become A MacroUnicorn she didn't know what to eat to lose weight.

She was cutting her calories really low and trying to add movement.

But the weight wasn't coming off.

Years of low calories and meals at Chipotle had left her hormones outta whack and her metabolism had come to a screeching halt.

During BAMU Rhonda worked on increasing her overall calories AND eating the right macros for her body.

Rhonda has moved from constant Chipotle meals, and pasta filled heavy dinners to a more evenly spaced nutrition framework throughout her long days, but she still gets to eat her favorite things.

Today she reports she is just .9 pounds away from her goal!

She is blown away!


  •  Weekly Custom Macros to learn what your body wants
  • Weekly Check-ins
  •  Weekly Topics
  •  Weekly Q & A's/ Group Coaching
  •  Daily Accountability
  •  Success Guide
  • A program different than anything you've ever tried, it is that "Missing link you have been searching for and didn't know how to ask for" A direct quote from Diane a former participant of Become A MacroUnicorn.

How much is it worth to you, for you to understand how the food you eat affects your weight loss journey?

To reach your goal, understanding foods and how they affect your hormones after 40, and which macro set to use when you just feel off and the normal isn't working is key to reaching your goal. Become A MacroUnicorn is the solution.

This is a weight loss plan that isn't centered in diet chaos, but focused on reaching your goal in a healthy maintainable way.

It's the first step to get you on your path to reaching your goal.

I'll help you:

  • Bust through the cravings that keep taking you off track
  • Balance your hormones with simple food choices so you break through plateaus.
  • Stop the monthly binge eating caused by hormonal swings that you don't need to face
  • Create a few healthy habits you probably haven't considered
  • Get on track and stay there because you are no longer restricted to special foods 24/7 just to reach a goal you wouldn't maintain anyway.




What are Macros?

Macros are an amazing nutritional framework. It's different from counting calories.

Macros are short for Macronutrients. The big nutrients in food, so Protein, Carbs and Fats.

When you track macro, you're focusing on Protein, Carbs and Fats and how your body feels on them (Or I do in my program... LOL It's not mainstream, it's my own spin on it!)

Everybody's body is different... and we burn different nutrients differently.

The great thing about macro tracking is you can learn what your body likes...

Once you fine tune this, it balances hormones and keeps weight loss pretty consistent... oh maintenance is a breeze!

What Macros do I need to lose weight?

Well this depends!  Everybody is different.  This is the reason we test 4 sets of macros, each set of macros has a different macronutrient focus.  And the macros that I provide you are specifically calculated for your age, height, weight and activity level.

I’m not losing weight, will Macros help me?

YES! With a caveat… of course!  The 30 days is a time for you to focus on your eating.  If you have been living on extremely low calorie diets for a long period of time, this program may start healing your system so that you can begin losing weight steadily and consistently after you heal.

I’ve heard that Macros are only for weight lifters, will they work for me if I don’t lift weights?

YES!  Macros are a nutritional framework.  You don’t have to workout at all for them to help you lose weight. I do recommend 150 minutes a week of low intensity movement

Will Macros help me break a weight loss plateau?

They can, yes! 

Plateaus are often caused by eating too few calories for long periods of time.

Or eating the wrong macronutrients for your body.
Even just misjudging activity level or the amount of calories you're actually eating. 

As we measure our food during the challenge, and we try different ratios of macronutrients, plateaus are often broken using Macros.

Can Macros help me balance my hormones?

YES!  One of the reasons our hormones become unbalanced is that we cut fat from our diet. With macros we get the right amount of fat and that can balance your hormones.

How does Coach Michelle define fast/unhealthy weight loss?

Our goal is a healthy 2 pounds a week.  Over 3 pounds per week is considered unhealthy weight loss.

Can you guarantee I’ll lose weight?

Unfortunately no.  Your weight loss is dependent on several variables.  Most people that do Become A MacroUnicorn will lose on average 2 pounds a week. So over the 30 days they lose between 8 and 10 pounds. But it depends on your body, and if you choose to follow the macros as they are provided.

What would be possible if...

You gave it a shot and you balance your hormones?